My passion is helping couples who want to improve their communication skills. Communication, put simply, is the sending and receiving of information. It’s not rocket science, but the reality is that most of us are not taught how to express all of what we’re feeling or truly listen when someone we care about does. 

A couples ability to communicate during disagreements or conflicts goes a long way toward determining whether the problems will be resolved, or fester and corrode the relationship.

Maybe you are thinking of moving in together or making a bigger commitment. Perhaps you’re stuck in a conflict and want help to learn how to resolve and manage it better in the future. 

I work in a very practical way (with take-home practical exercises) to show couples how to build their connection when times are good so they can intervene quickly when conflicts or difficulties arise. 

I completed the PAIRS relationships training and combine the skills and strategies developed in this US based programme with a 12 months Couples Training Programme undertaken with renown psychotherapists Terry Cooper and Jenner Roth at Spectrum.