Anger Mangement

Many of us have been taught by parents, teachers and society that anger is bad. However my experience is that anger is a normal feeling - like joy or love or sadness. In fact, angry feelings can be useful because they are a warning system that something is wrong or that we have a 'no' about something that is happening. Because so many of us associate angry feelings with being out of control or violent behaviour we tend to squash it down and hope it will go away. But anger (like most emotions) is a bit like vomit  - you can only hold it in for so long before it all just comes out. By that time it's a pretty messy affair.

Anger hides in many different behaviours; withdrawing, sulking, blaming, crying, becoming critical and acts of self destructiveness and violence. I see all thse behaviours as coping mechanisms - often developed in childhood - to help us get through diffcult situations or unsatisfying relationships.  Therapy with me will help you uncover your relationship to your anger. When we make friends with our anger, we are able to meet it with constructive and appropriate ways of expressing and attending to it.

In short; we learn how to stop being a victim of our anger and take charge of ourselves and our behaviour.